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List Of .Net Projects
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  1. Agriculture Assist
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    Agriculture Assist

    This is an Ajax based web application which provides an interface to Technical experts (of Agriculture sector) and Agriculture universities to store their data in order to conduct Framing awareness programs in villages. Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. The farmers in India are using new technology pesticides and fertilizers but using old style of farming techniques. This actually gives adverse results like poor harvest, polluted farming land etc., the main cause for this is lack of awareness about the new farming techniques and precautions need to be taken.

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  3. Air Force Security Using Thumb Checker
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    Air Force Security Using Thumb Checker

    Air Force Security Using Thumb Checker has a facility to check valid passport holders from the available finger prints, if the finger print is not found then it shows an alert message to the air force security. If found then search for the behavior of the passport holder. If holder behavior is not good then it will play emergency alarm.

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  5. Biased Random Walks in Uniform Wireless Networks
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    Biased Random Walks in Uniform Wireless Networks

    A recurrent problem when designing distributed applications is to search for a node with known property. File searching in peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, resource discovery in service-oriented architectures (SOAs), and path discovery in routing can all be cast as a search problem. Random walk-based search algorithms are often suggested for tackling the search problem, especially in very dynamic systems-like mobile wireless networks. The cost and the effectiveness of a random walk-based search algorithm are measured by the excepted number of transmissions required before hitting the target. Hence, to have a low hitting time is a critical goal Random walk search has a more fine-grained control of the search space, a higher adaptive ness to termination conditions, and can naturally cope with failures or voluntary disconnections of nodes. Examples of concrete exploitations of random walks in wireless networks are found in the context of routing protocols for MANET

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  7. Blood Donation Agent System
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    Blood Donation Agent System

    This project is aimed to help the patients seeking for fresh blood at a particular location. Our client is not interested in blood stocking instead we are stocking blood donors information. The donors who are interested in donating blood has to register here. There is no storage of blood so no complications in the project. The software is fully integrated with CRM (customer relationship management) as well as CMS (content management system) solution. It is developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works. The requirement of the blood has to be requested and we supply the information of the donor. The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned. Using the constructs of MS-SQLServer and all the user interfaces have been designed using the ASP.Net technologies. The database connectivity is planned using the "SQL Connection" methodology. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage. The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff.

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  9. Call Center Executer
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    Call Center Executer

    Call Center Executer is an increasingly important skill as the use of call centers becomes a popular method of centralizing information services, streamlining order taking and providing valuable customer support. The skills required to successfully set-up and manage a call center encompass everything from staff recruitment and personnel management, to technical understanding of the options available, and the all-important customer relationship management. From small customer service departments to large call centers, the importance of developing successful Call Center Executer is vital for building a valued relationship with customers to support long-term business growth. This system (Call Center Executer) is useful to the organization, it maintains the information about the employees and it also contains the necessary information of the customer and their phone Numbers, their services also. It also maintains the employee roaster details. This system will track the employee's login details. And also maintains the data the employee attend the call and his behavior with customer and the speech will be recorded into file. Sometimes customer request for service to the organization. This data also maintains the system

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  11. Campaign Information System
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    Campaign Information System

    An insurance company wants to start campaigns for its new products to be sold to the prospective customers. Campaign means advertising of the products through channels like Tele marketing, letters, signboards, TV Commercials, etc. There are different campaigns for different products. Before the campaign starts, estimates are made on sales to be achieved, budget allocation for each campaign. When the actual data is captured, the actual amount is calculated. The difference between the actual and the estimated amount gives the insurance company an insight into their estimation and it helps in making strategic decisions about budgets.

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  13. Campus Selection System
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    Campus Selection System

    The project titled "campus Selection System" aims at developing a system which will automate the functioning of the HR Department of Sierra Atlantic Limited . This project automates the selection process activities that the HR Department has to perform prior to and after the actual act of selecting the employees. These activities constitutes tasks like Capture Eligible Student details. Maintain individual Student record. Maintain Section wise Student details. Evaluating Student performance. Conducting the On-Line Text. Generating random ID for each student which is unique. Making only eligible Students to take the test. Allow online registrations for the On-Line Selection Test. Allow online requests and support for the examination. Data updating facilities through a password based system. Creating Database. Inserting Questions into the Database. Recovering/Saving the database. Providing proper Technical Assistance to the User. Generating desired reports. Providing On-Line Help

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  15. Cargo Logistics
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    Cargo Logistics

    Cargo Logistics Management intends to meet the logistics management and provide professional transportation, sourcing and information services around the world, with strong supporters by our long standing client partnerships. Cargo Logistics should provide a large Supply Chain Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Transport Services and Warehouse & Logistics Management. CLS takes care in offering a professional and personal service, with streamlined processes that have been implemented to improve the supply chain for our existing and potential customers.

    Cargo Logistics should provide a large Supply Chain Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Transport Services and Warehouse & Logistics Management. CLS takes care in offering a professional and personal service, with streamlined processes that have been implemented to improve the supply chain for our existing and potential customers.

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  17. Client Server Based Live Meeting
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    Client Server Based Live Meeting

    This project is mainly developed for the communication of Employees of organization located at different locations. The project entitled " Live Meeting " set of platform for the project leaders and administrator to send messages to keep constant interaction with the programmers. In the proposed system is the administrator can sit at his system and communicate with the project leaders, programmers and can also maintain the login time, logout time. He can chat about the project going on with both the programmers and project leaders. This project also maintains offline messages. The administrator sees the IP address of the system of project leader/programmer he is interested and chat with the people .The project leader gives the instant report about the project to the administrator. Through this Communication System, Whenever user logs-in into the system then login time is recorded in the administrator's system automatically. This project makes the most of the tedious and mundane deskwork to minimize. This facilitates the user to concentrate more on the project and less on the managing of these tasks. The software is fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works

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  19. Cyber Automobile Shop
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    Cyber Automobile Shop

    This project aims at developing an application framework that is centered on enhancing and facilitating the communication among the different participating entities involved in the ebusiness of Cyber Automobile Shop systems including site owners, buyers, sellers, car dealers, auto classified businesses and market researchers. With this application, site visitors can search by make and model to access new and used car inventories from local dealers & independent sellers. This application framework combines powerful inventory search features for both new and used car configuration with pricing information, separate photo galleries and side-by-side comparison tools. For supporting dealers, this system connects dealers with private-party sellers to buy new or used cars over the web.

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  21. Data Grid Management Systems
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    Data Grid Management Systems

    The goal of this project is to design a portal for managing the access to several databases on a grid through a single sign-on facility. The user, typically a scientist interested in computations that depends on data from several data sources, will access this database from a web browser. The system should use grid computing standards to fetch data from the different data sources. The portal should be able to support multiple users, including an administrator, who can add or remove new data sources. Each user will have associated privileges that determine the set of data sources that are accessible to that user. Data Grids are being built across the world as the next generation data handling systems to manage tera-bytes of inter organizational data and storage space. A data grid (datagrid) is a logical name space consisting of storage resources and digital entities that is created by the cooperation of autonomous organizations and its users based on the coordination of local and global policies. Data Grid Management Systems (DGMSs) provide services for the confluence of organizations and management of inter-organizational data and resources in the datagrid.

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  23. Diagnostic Center
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    Diagnostic Center

    Diagnostic center is a web based online project. The main aim of the project is store the information of the test details in a hospital or a clinic. Diagnostic center is an intranet based private web application. The objective of the project work is to develop effective software for maintaining the information relating to the lab details. This project is completely menu driven and user friendly. It gives details about various tests for patients and purchase section. In addition to that it has a provision for generating reports in different formats and hence reports are useful in strategic and tactic decision-making .The ultimate aim of implementing this project is to automate the Lab Management System of the concern. Totally this project is towards inducing complete Billing through computer with maximum user-interaction and error-free information. This system is designed using Visual Basic as front-end and Ms-Access as Backbend in Windows 98 operating system. The developed software is easier and flexible to handle computerization of the system reduces time consumption and increases system's efficiency

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  25. Diamond Web-Hosting
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    Diamond Web-Hosting

    Diamond Web-Hosting is a fictitious Web-based catalog sales site. Users can browse the catalog, add items to their personal shopping cart, and when they've finished shopping, check out and finalize the sale. (Naturally, all orders are fictitious -- order information is tracked to illustrate part of the sample, but there is no real time transaction. To purchase items, users must be registered as authenticated users by providing account information: an email address and password. Users can also print custom reports and tags, depending on the orders they have booked which appears under the Order Details tab, as and when the user has been authenticated and are then authorized to access the website in full, the reporting techniques have been implemented using Business Objects Crystal Reports 10

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  27. Digital Signature
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    Digital Signature

    Digital Signature is Software that shows advertisements and information on a digital TV in Railway Stations, Bus stations, and other Public places. The user specifies the date, time, the video file, the image file and text to the software. The software shows the advertisements at the scheduled time. Different types of templates Specify the time and date with template ID View the play list View the LOG Minimize to tray Edit details and templates

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  29. Distributed Computing For E-Learing
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    Distributed Computing For E-Learing

    Distributed computing promises a standard, 'complete' set of grid computing capabilities. distributed computing must provide basic functions such as resource discovery and information collection & publishing, data management on and between resources, process management on and between resources, common security mechanism underlying the above, process and session recording/accounting. Main advantage of Grid computing is, a network of distributed resources including computers, peripherals, switches, instruments, and data. Each user should have a single login account to access all resources. We start by analyzing the nature of Grid computing and its requirements for knowledge support; then, we discuss knowledge characteristics and the challenges for knowledge management on the Grid. Here we provide semantic based grid based applications for e-learning

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