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RG Patil


1 An Experimental Study on the PID and Fuzzy-PID Controllers on a Designed Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Autonomous Robot 2016 ARDUINO
2 AnyClimb: A New Wall-Climbing Robotic Platform for Various Curvatures 2016 ARDUINO
3 Automatic Toll E-Ticketing System For Transportation Systems 2016 ARDUINO
4 Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID 2016 ARDUINO
5 Embedded System Design Of A Real-Time Parking Guidance System 2016 ARDUINO
6 Gait Generation with Smooth Transition Using CPG-Based Locomotion Control for Hexapod Walking Robot 2016 ARDUINO
7 Mixed Integer Programming-Based Semiautonomous Step Climbing of a Snake Robot Considering Sensing Strategy 2016 ARDUINO
8 Smart Lighting: Developing A Smarter Control Mechanism For Park Trail Lighting 2016 ARDUINO
9 Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using Gsm/Gps Technologies 2016 ARDUINO
10 Turning the internet of (my) things into a remote controlled laboratory 2016 ARDUINO