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RG Patil


A Big Data Clustering Algorithm for Mitigating the Risk of Customer Churn
2016 Big data
A Parallel Patient Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm and Its Applications in Hospital Queuing-Recommendation in a Big Data Environment
2016 Big data
Adaptive Replication Management in HDFS based on Supervised Learning
2016 Big data
CaCo: An Efficient Cauchy Coding Approach for Cloud Storage Systems
2016 Big data
Clustering of Electricity Consumption Behavior Dynamics toward Big Data Applications
2016 Big data
6 Distributed In-Memory Processing of All k Nearest Neighbor Queries 2016 Big data
7 Dynamic Job Ordering and Slot Configurations for MapReduce Workloads 2016 Big data
8 Dynamic Resource Allocation for MapReduce with Partitioning Skew 2016 Big data
9 FiDoop-DP: Data Partitioning in Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop Clusters 2016 Big data
10 H2Hadoop: Improving Hadoop Performance using the Metadata of Related Jobs 2016 Big data
11 Hadoop Performance Modeling for Job Estimation and Resource Provisioning 2016 Big data
12 K Nearest Neighbour Joins for Big Data on MapReduce: a Theoretical and Experimental Analysis 2016 Big data
13 Novel Scheduling Algorithms for Efficient Deployment of MapReduce Applications in Heterogeneous Computing Environments 2016 Big data
14 On Traffic-Aware Partition and Aggregation in MapReduce for Big Data Applications 2016 Big data
15 Optimization for Speculative Execution in Big Data Processing Clusters 2016 Big data
16 Processing Cassandra Datasets with Hadoop-Streaming Based Approaches 2016 Big data
17 Protection of Big Data Privacy 2016 Big data
18 RFHOC: A Random-Forest Approach to Auto-Tuning Hadoop’s Configuration 2016 Big data
19 Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Mobile Users’ Geographical Locations 2016 Big data
20 Wide Area Analytics for Geographically Distributed Datacenters 2016 Big data