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List Of PHP Projects
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  1. Defect Tracking System in PHP
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    Defect Tracking System in PHP

    It is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. It can be used to logging defects against modules, assign defects to individuals and tracking the defects to resolutions. The features can be- email notification, user maintenance, access control, report generators, etc. It is easily manageable, integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System). User friendliness is provided with various controls that makes it flexible. File upload and mail features are to be included, also the security should be provided by means of different protocols like https. Details must be stored in centralized database and defects detected are to be sent to the administrator.

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  3. E- commerce Storefront Application
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    E- commerce Storefront Application

    Today, the revolution in technology is posing lots of challenges for businesses while also offering huge advantages. Businesses, need to be efficient and cost effective reaching global customers. Hence, the need of the time is for enterprises to be proactive in innovating, becoming more efficient, reducing costs, providing customers with better user experience value and service building customer relationships. By setting up a full fledged online storefront for any company, latest technologies are integrated to real world development scenarios. The main objective of doing this project is to build a solid e commerce infrastructure and also actual business aspects of system.

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  5. Internet Banking in PHP
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    Internet Banking in PHP

    With internet access increasing to everyone, Internet Banking has emerged to be the latest wonder for delivery of banking products and services. It is having major effects on banking relationships. Banking is now no longer confined to the way where one has to approach the branch in person, to withdraw cash or deposit a cheque or request a statement of accounts. Internet Banking should provide facilities of withdraw, deposit, creating an account, money transfer, etc online.

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  7. Secure Internet Banking System using PHP
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    Secure Internet Banking System using PHP

    The website created should be useful for customers for online transactions. Authorized users for particular bank can use this by providing valid user ID and password. The website must provide following banking facilities- Viewing Statements Deposit Fund Transder Request for cheque book, passbook, etc Balance Enquiry, etc.

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  9. Ticket Reservation System using PHP
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    Ticket Reservation System using PHP

    The project is to develop an application that can reserve tickets for a cinema hall. By sitting on a computer having a net connection, it would be possible to book tickets online without the need to stand in long queues. It also must have the useful feature to be able to inquire about the tickets by the users. The application should display the availability and cost of tickets. By confirming the seats in a cinema hall, a confirmation sms or an email should be sent to the user that would serve as a ticket pass to the cinema hall.

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  11. Online Placement using PHP
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    Online Placement using PHP

    This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central recruitment Process system for the HR Group for a company. The job seekers can register themselves on the site and can get information all at one place. They can know the exam details, and appear for the tests. The venue, type, date of the exam will be available on the website. The main features that the website should have are:- Display vacancies Interview dates display Schedule selection process Store Interview results and display them Generate reports

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  13. Product Master Maintenance using PHP
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    Product Master Maintenance using PHP

    The aim of the project is to develop an online product master maintenance system that can be used in a manufacturing industry. It would be a client server based application so that can be accessed by a group of users. The users can be selected and accessed can be controlled. This application will be used for maintaining all the details related to a product like Product hierarchy, product/sub-components attributes(cost/size/weight etc.) and supplier details. Access control can be provided- for administration, users and viewers. Report generators can be generated depending upon the choice made by the user.

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  15. Family Connection Website using PHP
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    Family Connection Website using PHP

    Family Connections is an content management system. A CMS is an application that allows people to create and maintain a website without having to know HTML. The website should be able to: Share photos. Communicate with friends and family. Maintain a Calender for family events. Maintain Contact and Address book. Create a News blog. Share your favorite family things.

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  17. Online Help Desk using PHP
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    Online Help Desk using PHP

    This is an application used to create a help desk that can be accessed by students to know about the campus. This system can be used to automate the workflow of service requests for the various facilities in the campus. The application should cover different kinds of facilities like class-rooms, labs, hostels, canteen, gymnasium, computer center, etc. Registered users should be able to log in a request for service for any of the supported facilities. Facilities like emails, notifications, messages should be provided for better communication.

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  19. Chess Project using PHP
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    Chess Project using PHP

    Chess is an interesting an challenging game played between two people. While playing the game, the players are need to make moves. The development of an online application can make it possible for the players to make moves even if they are not physically present together. The two players should be able to register for the game play. When one player makes a move, an email should be sent to the other notifying him about the move and asking to play his. This way, the players can play the game whenever they have time and access to the internet. The classes must implement all chess rules and moves, like "castlings", "en passant" captures, stalemates in case the opponent has no longer a legal move and his king is not under attack.

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  21. Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
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    Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment

    This project is used to measure the various parameters like Temperature and Light and display them on a LCD. Temperature and light is sensed by respective sensors. Sensor output is amplified and given to ADC. Microcontroller controls these parameters and keeps them at some predefined levels using relay interface. These relays can be connected to Fan/Heater. For demo purpose we have connected a 12 volt fan and a bulb. Values of temperature and light are sending to a computer through serial port. These values can be displayed on PC using hyper terminal.

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  23. Rolling display using Matrix LEDs
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    Rolling display using Matrix LEDs

    This project can be used for Advertising or for providing information at various places like shops, government offices, hospitals, railway stations. The Rolling display is prepared using 5 X 7 Matrix LEDs which means LEDs are arranged in a pattern consisting of 5 columns and 7 rows. A matrix of 5 X 7 LEDs contribute to a single character. Here we have used 6 characters which means 6 matrices. The actual physical dimension of single matrix is 10 cm by 8 cm, so dimension of complete display is 10 cm by 48 cm. A keypad used to select which message has to be displayed. These messages are stored in a EEPROM. PC interfacing is used for sending data to computer.

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  25. Automatic car parking indicator using Microcontroller
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    Automatic car parking indicator using Microcontroller

    Now days in many multiplex systems there is a severe problem for car parking systems. There are many lanes for car parking, so to park a car one has to look for the all lanes. Moreover there is a lot of men labor involved for this process for which there is lot of investment. So the need is to develop a system which indicates directly which lane is vacant. So the project objective is to develop a system to indicate the vacant lane. The project involves a system including infrared transmitter and receiver in every lane and a led display outside the car parking gate. Conventionally, car parking systems does not have any intelligent monitoring system. Parking lots are monitored by human beings. All vehicles enter into the parking and waste time for searching for parking slot. Sometimes it creates blockage. Condition become worse when there are multiple parking lanes and each lane have multiple parking slots. Use of automated system for car parking monitoring will reduce the human efforts. Display unit is installed on entrance of parking lot which will show LEDs for all Parking slot and for all parking lanes. Empty slot is indicated by the respective glowing LED.

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  27. Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter
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    Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

    Main concept behind this project is to measure and display the number of persons entering in any room like seminar hall, conference room. LCD display placed outside the room displays this value. And when number of persons inside the room are zero, power supply inside the room can be cut using a relay interface.

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  29. Level Computing and Storage Device
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    Level Computing and Storage Device

    This project is used to measure the water level in a dam, after a particular time interval and to store them it into a memory IC for the sake of records. Later a person can access the memory using this project and see the previous records using a keypad and LCD. This data can be sent to a computer through serial port.

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  31. Microcontroller based Data Logger
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    Microcontroller based Data Logger

    This project is a fine combination of analog and digital electronics. This project is designed so as to fulfill the requirements of the industry applications, home applications. The project consists of parameters monitoring, parameter storage. PC interface is one of the main features of the project in which various data like value of parameters, date and time are sent to the PC. We have used Microcontroller as a main component of the project. Now a Microcontroller has become a main component of many of the electronic circuits. Also Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and EEPROM are used on major basis for the display and storage purpose. This project which will consist of two basis modules. First is “Data monitoring” & other is “Data Storage”. A display unit will show the value of parameters. This will help for the person to know the values, for this purpose we are going to use various sensors, which will be connected to ADC. The other module is named as parameter storage. It can be used to store the parameter values in the memory. We are going to use EEPROM memory IC. These values can later see using a keypad provided on the front panel. This system is useful as many times it’s difficult to measure the parameter values manually and also this module is more accurate than the domestic system.

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  33. Line follower Robot
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    Line follower Robot

    We have fixed INFRA RED sensors on fore side on the robot. The principle of sensors is that black color will normally observe the light where other colors will normally reflects the lights light source is fixed down ward D1 and D3 are infra red LEDs and D2 and D4 are photo diodes reflected light will fall on the photodiode . IR led. D1 has series resistor R8 limiting the current to 40mA.

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  35. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station
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    Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station

    Modern petrochemical plants are always at the risk of fire since lot of toxin inflammable gases are often present, the temperature is also high. These are normally ums class (unmanned machinery space). Supervisory rooms are always away from the actual plant. All light fixtures are explosion proof.

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    2. Bug navigator

    3. E-learning

    4. Online Shopping cart

    5. Social Recruitment

    6. Web Mail Filter

    7. Buddy zone

    8. Online Question answering system

    9. Online Banking System

    10. Hostel Management

    11. Hospital Management

    13. Bus Reservation

    14. Crime Management

    15. College Website

    16. Insurance Management

    17. Passport Management

    18. Toll gate Management

    19. Restaurant Management

    20. Inventory Management

    21. Solid Waste Management

    22. Library Management

    21. Solid Fertilizer Management

    22. Music Protal

    21. Online Examination

    22. Search Engine Site (Like Yahoo)

    21. Classified Ads Managements

    22. Property Management System

    21. Sales & Retail Management

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