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  1. virtual-mouse-using-hand-gesture
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    we desire to make a Linux-based application which can be used for controlling mouse with hand gestures using web cam input in python. It can be used for mouse events like single click , double click , drag etc., The application detects the hand movements given by user and performs operation accordingly . User can perform multiple tasks with his gestures. No additional hard-wares will be required. The project essentially consists of five parts : Taking input from the web cam and converting it into a form that can be processed easily. The processed image is converted from RGB to HSV type for skin detection and background subtraction. Determining the center of hand for the sake of mouse motion . Recognizing the gesture. According to the intercepted gesture, perform the corresponding operation.

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  3. face detection using python
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    face detection using python

    Face detection is an important step in face recognition, which is one of the more representative and classic application in computer vision. Face is one of the physiological biometrics based on stable features. Face detection is a challenging mission. It is because faces in the imag es are all uncontrolled. E.g. illumination condition, vary pose, differ ent facial expressions. Four types of face detection are developed. They are knowledge based methods, template marching, invariant feature met hods and learning based methods. In this project, learning based methods are deployed: AdaBoost Method. .

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